2020 Hardy is underway!

We bought it! For years we have been driving by this beautiful building dreaming about what we would do with it if we owned it. When the For Sale sign went up in November we called right away! It officially became ours on January 4th 2013. The original purpose for this 100 year old building was for a grocery store. We plan to give it the attention it needs as well as a new purpose.

5 Replies to “2020 Hardy is underway!”

      1. Sent the comment before I discovered the pics. I encourage you to get Jenn dirty and sweaty, might inspire some perspectives on design.

  1. I live across from this building and have some photos I’ve taken with my Nikon ….D5100….I’m an self-schooled artist and also have incorporated photograhpy into it as well> I’ve been told by several professional photograhers ……that I have the “Eye” … I would be happy to share them if you would like. I have be interested and hoped somebody would renovate it, thank you It needs to be preserved.

    Respecfully yours,
    Donald W. Harris

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