David did some research….

David found many interesting tidbits on our building. It’s original purpose was for Zax Grocery Store. The store was originally in a house one block away at 2012 Hardy during the 1890’s until Morris (Max) Zax built this expansive building for his growing business around 1902. Mr. and Mrs. Rebeckah Blass Zax are buried at Beth Israel Cemetery on Allen Parkway. They were both born in Lithuania or Russia. Morris Zax was born in 1864 and died at the age of 59 on April 7th 1923. Their children are Benjamin Zax, an auto dealer, Mary Zax, Aida Zax, became a school teacher at Anson Jones School, Abraham Zax, became the owner of Dixie Glass, Emile Zax, became a doctor. Emile Zax’s son, Steven is now a prominent Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles.

One Reply to “David did some research….”

  1. Great research…makes it come to life. You have inspired me to do a little more research on my mid century 2911 Hardy project. Not really historic but we can try to give it more life also.

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