What a Month!!

week 1 yard
week 1 yard
week 4 yard
week 4 yard

week 1 front room
week 1 front room
week 3 afternoon without drop ceiling
week 3 afternoon without drop ceiling

Wow, what a month! We are working hard at it and feel like we have made some progress. We can see the floor in most rooms now getting rid of much of the debris and finding little treasures here and there. IMG_0526

The yard is coming along with help from our landscaper Antonio Vergara and company. We had to take down a dead tree in the back which we were sad to see go. week 3 tree coming down Glad to see fence posts going up so that we can take down the rag tag fence that protects Hardy from the side yard. It will feel great to finally see the expanse of the whole yard in one view.

Our niece, Jennifer Ansell is in town and she helped us with the clean out this week. Jennifer has degrees in architectural and civil engineering and to our benefit, she is going to partner with our friend, and architect on our home, Joe Meppelink to do the drawings for the building to get permits and such. Joe stopped by this week and took a look around to see our progress since he hadn’t been there since November when he was checking out our prospective buy.

We have also had visits from our friends Raina Chamberlain, Corey Ackelmire, Nathan Dube, Julie Bata & Michael Golden.

We are hopeful the fence will be done by the next post next week!

2 Replies to “What a Month!!”

  1. I was watching this building with a lot of interest when it was for sale. So glad to see it ended up in the hands of someone who will save it. Nice work. Glad there are still people around who can recognize a diamond in the rough.

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